Team Megacross and Team Fox Valley Off Road Riders

Win 11 District 17 Championships!!!!

 In Three DIFFERENT TYPES of Racing!  

Motocross, Stadium Motocross and Hare Scrambles!!!


Chase Sexton is the "BIG" winner this year with 4, that's right................. 

  count them FOUR District 17 championships in 2007 

50cc Champion Motocross and Stadium Motocross

65 Jr Motocross and Stadium Motocross Champion

The Schmidt Family ROCKS!  3 Championships all at one Dinner table!  

Jim Schmidt 40+ A Class Hare Scramble Champion

Keagan Schmidt 85cc Hare Scramble Champion

BenJamin Schmidt 86-200cc C Champion

Gerhard Ward and Travis Ward Champions in two separate types of racing!

Travis Ward Hare Scrambles Champion 65cc class. 

(on an American CNC Machine Suzuki!)

Gerhard Ward Motocross Champion 45+ Class

Women Class Stadium Motocross Champion

 Bri Stiles Women's Motocross Champion 

 Team American CNC Machine Suzuki!


Loren Cook Motocross 50+ Champion

shhhh!  he is 59 years young 2-26-08

not bad for an old guy huh?