Race Betting Payment Methods

There are many different forms of payment methods accepted and used by online betting and sportsbook sites today. No one payment method will be a perfect fit for everyone so it’s worth doing some research to find which payments solution will work best for you. Do you class speedy deposits and withdrawals as a priority? Maybe you’re more concerned about getting the lowest fees possible or prefer the most secure service?

Whatever your preference we have highlighted the top 5 payment methods used by online betting sites to help you make the right choice for you.


One of the world’s most recognised brands, Visa is accepted at pretty much anywhere you can place a racing bet online. Visa cards are accepted in over 200 countries and territories around the world and this global coverage is no different in the online world. The exact terms and conditions of each individual card is set by the ‘issuer’ but it should be accepted whenever you see the Visa logo online.

There are numerous types of Visa cards and the 4 main types you’ll most commonly encounter are credit, debit, prepaid and gift cards. The setup of the betting site that you are using will dictate which type of cards they will accept. For some sites it may only be a prepaid Visa which you will be able to use to deposit money ready to bet.

Most commonly you’ll be able to deposit funds with a Visa credit card which is the most straightforward approach when adding funds to a betting account online. The total amount you’ll be able to deposit depends on both the site itself and your own credit score or rating.

The main benefit of using Visa over other payment methods is the size of the deposits possible. With some of the main betting websites you can deposit many times more using a Visa than you can using alternative methods.

Equally some card issuers offer numerous benefits for spending on their card. It is possible to accumulate points, cashback, bonuses and even free gifts just by using the right plastic to deposit with on betting sites online.


First established in the 1960’s as a new way to make payments where other cards were not accepted, MasterCard has long since been a staple payments provider both off and online. Today MasterCard can be used to fund and withdraw on accounts at the majority of online sportsbooks with racing bets.

You know you are in good company when you see the MasterCard logo anywhere online, nowhere more so than betting sites. MasterCard are less likely to do business with sites that have no track record or have a poor brand as they want to uphold their reputation for quality and assurance.

MasterCard can also be used to fund accounts with other online service providers such as Skrill and Neteller which can then in turn be used to fund online sportsbook accounts. This does offer you an extra layer of security buy might incur additional fees with a direct deposit could avoid.

As with Visa, MasterCard comes in numerous forms such as credit, debit, prepaid and gift cards which can be used to withdraw and deposit online dependant on the site. Equally you might be able to grab some great offers, points or bonuses just by depositing with a MasterCard depending on the issuer. Have a good search online before signing up with a specific provider to check what benefits you could get on top of your sportsbook deposits.


Over 188 million people worldwide use PayPal as their ewallet choice online today. Originally a subsidiary of eBay, since 2015 PayPal has been a separate publicly traded company and offers a great option for deposits and withdrawals. Transactions are usually instantaneous if conducted via PayPal which is just another advantage of using this service.

As with other ewallet providers you can create a secure buffer between your bank account and your sportsbook account giving you extra security online. The main advantage is that none of the websites you bet with will be able to directly see your bank account details or information.

Because of the wide acceptance of PayPal as an everyday online payment method it has become recognised as a symbol of trust and quality in recent years. This is enhanced by the tight restrictions which the company places on its use by betting sites across the internet. PayPal will only associate itself with fully licenced operators in selected countries so you might not see it show as a payment option beyond the larger sportsbook providers. This again goes a long way in the PayPal logo acting as a symbol of trust for anyone using online betting sites.

It’s free to open an account with PayPal and you can get set up with a functioning login in no time. It is always worth investigating the fees charged by your site of choice as PayPal tends to have slightly higher fees than other ewallet providers such as those mentioned below.


Since 1999 Neteller has been providing safe and secure online transactions with its excellent payments transfer service. It has established itself as one of the leading payment methods for online betting and bookmakers and is trusted by merchants and customers in over 180 countries the world over. Today Neteller also supports all major global currencies. Payments and deposits are nice and simple to make thanks to their intuitive user interface and well designed website with its clean lines and clear layout.

It is free to register and open a Neteller account and takes just a few minutes to set yourself up to start accepting and depositing payments so you can start betting in no time. Once you have an activated account it is then very simple to transfer funds to many of the major online betting websites including bet365, bwin, Unibet, William Hill and sportingbet.

Security is a major focus at Neteller and it is good to know that as a UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised company Neteller holds more than 100% of your account balance in trust accounts. This gives you peace of mind through knowing that your money is always there when you need it. So whether you’re depositing with your credit card, a bank account or using an alternative payment option Neteller keeps you safe with your online payments.

Their superb payments service is supported by a caring customer service team who are on hand 24/7 to deal with any questions or issues you might encounter when using Neteller. It’s good to know that you can contact someone anytime you need to or search via their comprehensive knowledge base on the Neteller site.


Skrill is the most commonly used eWallet worldwide, offering users secure and simple transactions when placing bets and withdrawing money online. The service is ideal for anyone performing transactions online often and is commonly used by major gaming operators and betting companies online.

Skrill provides instant deposits and withdrawals which is a major bonus for any online race better and leads to a smoother betting experience. It helps to ease the worry of not having access to your winnings or being able to deposit quickly to place a last minute bet online.

Security is another major plus with Skrill and they use the highest level of security with the VeriSign SSL Certificate displayed whenever they are used on any betting website. It’s also a major plus that Skrill is now a widely accepted payment method with nearly all online gaming operators accepting the service.

As a Skrill user you can also get access to xclusive bonuses and offers, just like you would with a premium credit card account. There is also superb and reliable customer service in 12 languages available 24/7 should you encounter any issues when using the service which gives betters sound peace of mind. It’s free to open an account with Skrill and takes just a few minutes to get setup and ready to start depositing or withdrawing funds using this speedy service.

Across the world today more than 36 million account holders trust Skrill to handle their transactions online. Plus more than 156,000 online merchants are currently using Skrill to accept and send payments so it is quickly becoming the go to choice for race bets online.